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If other popular dogs are friendly – this Golden Retriever is a sweet dog because literally they are showing love and affection by cuddling and playing with it and it is responding.  They want you to feel their love and appreciation as their owners and masters. I never fail to admire them because from the very beginning Golden Retrievers have been attached on my heart.

This is my Very friendly Golden Retriever (Boomer). I love playing with her and she even love it more.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retrievers Have Been Attached On My Heart”

  1. Joel Hunt says:

    He thinks he is a lap dog.

  2. nandnitin says:

    very cute both of em

  3. Ty Dauster says:

    This is great.

  4. bunclip says:

    Boomer hogs all the attention; poor old brown dog doesn’t get a look in! Typical golden retriever! :)

  5. lifethroughmylens1 says:

    I can see why everybody loves Boomer. Nice video.

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