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Sweet, docile and affectionate. Golden Retrievers invariably leap to mind.  Golden Retrievers are still the most popular seeing-eye and assistance dog, their even temperament and strength making it the ideal breed for such work. While other breeds can be too sensitive, high-strung, bouncy, or energetic for such responsibilities, Golden Retrievers fulfill these service roles with a nonchalant, self-confident manner. In return, they get nothing more than a bit of praise.

Very friendly Golden Retriever (Boomer). I just love them so much and they are irresistible.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retrievers Invariably Leap To Mind”

  1. mlkths says:

    Happy doggies!x

  2. suzzer19 says:

    That was our Golden too! We just lost him :(. This vid made me smile!

  3. markvad738 says:

    both your dogs look so happy! you are a wonderful owner!

  4. ladieskungfu says:

    cute dog!! I´m sorry…cute dogs !!

  5. Joel Hunt says:

    He thinks he is a lap dog.

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