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Golden Retrievers are medium-sized athletic dogs with energetic natures. Goldens are known for are known for their kind eyes, loyalty and enthusiasm for life. Though bred as hunting dogs, these qualities also make them excellent family dogs. Goldens usually get along well with children and are known to be incredibly affectionate and intelligent. Golden Retrievers make wonderful service dogs. They are often very successful as guide, assistance, or search and rescue dogs. These are active dogs which require daily exercise and thorough training. If these needs are met, a Golden is bound to be your happy, loyal companion. It is no surprise that Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular and well-known dog breeds in the world.

My very precious pooch that I rescued at an Adopt-A-Thon In Duluth Georgia. She’s half golden retriever/great pyrenees mix. Her name is Cheyenne. Cheyanne is very sweet and loving!

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5 Responses to “Golden Retrievers Make Wonderful Service Dogs”

  1. Sammy Reedy says:

    So very happy that you rescued a very sweet pooch. He’ll make a very good
    dog! I’ll have to find that story on H.E.L.P. I know that I will love it.
    By the way, I also ended up rescuing Cheyanne’s brother Tonto about a month
    after I got Cheyanne. He’s in some of my other dog videos. Both dogs have
    been pure awesome and well mannered! I’m sure your new pooch will be the
    same as well! Congratulations on your new friend for life!

  2. Mary Johnston says:

    I wrote his success story of how i got him on the H.E.L.P. Website, its a
    tear jerker but soo glad he rescued me too!

  3. Mary Johnston says:

    I also rescued a golden pyrenees that was rescued by Caseys rescue from
    Illinois, but i adopted him thru H?E.

  4. Mary Johnston says:

    I adopted him thru H.E.L.P. I named him Riley, he is so loving and sweet.
    He was malnourished and had worms when rescued but now he is doing great
    and so far at 6 months old he weighed in at 60 pounds! He loves breakfast
    lunch and dinner!

  5. amandajessica01 says:

    We have one – he has the sweetest disposition! I would recommend to anyone,
    though they shed like mad.

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