Golden Retrievers With NO Exercise Can Exhibit Behavior Problems


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Goldens are active, exuberant, inquisitive, busy, nosy dogs who have a naturally outgoing disposition. They are generally good family dogs, but no dog should be left alone with children.  Goldens are retrievers, and they love to carry items in their mouths. Goldens need to be exercised daily, or they may have trouble becoming the well-behaved dogs we expect them to be.  Dogs will not exercise by themselves.  Goldens that do not get enough exercise can exhibit behavior problems such as inappropriate chewing, excessive barking, unruly behavior and digging.  Senior goldens also require daily walks and playtime in order to stay healthy.

This is our almost 16 month old English Cream Golden Retriever 65lb “puppy” running around the yard with his new hedgehog stuffed toy from Rite Aid.

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