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Like many dogs, Golden Retrievers were first bred to work. Initially they were hunting dogs, but due to their intelligence, obedience, and desire to perform they have been used in other areas as well. They love to work, but also have the patience to sit still and wait when needed. Today they are used as guide dogs for the blind, search and rescue dogs, narcotics detection dogs, hearing dogs for the deaf, and they are still popular hunting dogs.

6 month old pups have discovered how to get their own ice. I love my Golden Retriever dogs.

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5 Responses to “Golden Retrievers Were First Bred To Work”

  1. Matthew Freeman says:

    we never have ice anymore….

  2. Mick Gast says:

    Smart Doggies!

  3. Vicki Cupper says:


  4. Bruce Fredrick says:

    You are making the assumption that they don’t clean after this? Or, clean when they come home in case the dogs have done this? Dogs mouths are cleaner than humans, too…medical fact. Seems strange, but yes. Dog bites heal faster than humans. I have an friend who has cats and they lay all over the counters, on the tables, etc… that concerns me more than this.

  5. jecdesigns1859 says:

    I tried very hard not to comment, but this is so disgusting! I have to agree with the other comment that said remind me not have ice in your house. You must never have guests and if you do, i hope you don’t offer them ice. And I have dogs, but would never allow this to happen. But to each it’s own. Ugggh….

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