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Golden Shepherds have the characteristics of being affectionate, patient, loving, loyal and excellent family dogs. Golden Shepherds may tend to be outstanding, willing, naturally good and intelligent dogs and excellent with children and other pets. They are fun loving and much active. The exceptionally patient and good manner of behavior make them a unique dog. Golden Shepherds like Golden retrievers may be the extravagant lover of water. They use to have swimming like Golden Retrievers and highly trainable due to their intelligence and wish to please the owner or pack leader. Like Golden Retrievers they may be good spirited in performing the events and in agility as well. Like Golden Retrievers they may have easy to train ability and required no harsh training and like to respond to normal and positive style of training.

Deke rolls when he’s happy. The Happy Roll — 13 Year Old Golden Retriever.

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5 Responses to “Golden Shepherds Have The Characteristic Of Being Affectionate”

  1. Roushbabe says:

    Awe Deke is in great shape!! Looks just like my girl rolling in the grass
    in one of my videos. She’s 16. I’m sure he’ll see that many years too since
    he looks like he has a great heart! 🙂

  2. LKNproductions1 says:

    That is weird… my 14 year old golden retriever does that too!

  3. Gogirls Gotstuff says:


  4. TT Edwards says:

    Every time i arrive at my grans house to walk her retriever, the dog rolls
    on its back with a teddy bear in it’s mouth. lol it takes 2-3 minutes to
    get the lead on her.

  5. scjdeke2 says:

    @Officialikids Deke is about 65-68lbs. Breed standard.

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