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They may be very active and best outdoor like their parent dogs. Golden Shepherds may be good, intelligent, obedient and lovely strong dog. They may be good enough in water and like to swim like Golden Retrievers one parent of these dogs. Golden Shepherds may obey the commands during early age. They like to play games and retrieve the ball also. For more study of the temperament of these dogs we study the temperament of these dogs with the temperament and qualities of the both parent dogs of the Golden Shepherds. They may be outstanding, indifferent with strangers and can be aloof and can be protector of their owner. Golden Shepherds may be extreme loyal to their master.

A beautiful retriever retrieved a slipper – Very friendly guard dog.

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5 Responses to “Golden Shepherds May Be Extreme Loyal To Their Master”

  1. Mark Richardson says:

    Pitbulls are not pets they are just instruments of idiotic owners
    attempting to be macho.

  2. mexiluvsw says:

    when I was like 8 I was walking down the street and a pit bull came running
    at me I was scared as hell! but it came up to start licking me and it was
    very friendly, its owner said that it did that a lot to people because it
    was so friendly, I was surprised to see a vicious pit bull being friendly

  3. arrgh garry says:

    You were lucky ,bull breeds treated properly are loving ,the Problem is if
    they turn ,they are very powerful Dogs..Iused to have a boxer,he was
    ferocious towards other dogs

  4. arrgh garry says:

    No ke was on the leash ,he was veryfriendlt tho

  5. MANNY~EmberDim says:

    Never good to have a FRIENDLY guard dog… Stuff may go missing! Then again
    if the thief sees such a friendly dog there is a chance that the thief will
    feel bad and just leave! ^^ That is unlikely though! XD

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