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He is so cute even if he’s not wearing clothing, poor baby the dog didn’t sign up to be a model. Now guys try to watch this video as well and you will see how cute he is when he gets dressed-up.

Blind baby golden retriever Ray Charles has become an internet star, after his owner created him a Facebook page and posted loads of cute snaps. In March, his owners created the page and posted various pictures of Ray dressed up in silly outfits, taking baths and playing with toys.

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  1. Clarissa Fowler says:

    this is so cute! mikey80426 is so stupid your weird!!!!!!!!! now weird that.

  2. Raven Star says:

    Awww!!! He is adorable why would anyone think its weird??? Blind people make it ok in this world why can’t Rae???

  3. mikey80426 says:


  4. mikey80426 says:


  5. rammbostein says:

    the live of the wife, was taken by the knife

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