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Nice video guys your dog looks like it has a lovely nature and is very well cared for. His coat looks so beautiful and how obedient he was just sitting there waiting for the go ahead to eat the cake. This is just an awesome video and I really like it.

Celebrating Max’s 2nd birthday. A bone cake from Big Dog Little Dog bakery. He loves his cake!

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5 Responses to “Max Golden Retriever 2nd Birthday Cake Eating”

  1. thetoptits says:

    whats up witht he chinese girl eating his cake

  2. Andy Ngo Tran says:

    Ew u ate dog cake

  3. turtesrock says:


  4. veronica ed says:

    beutiful Max, great owner

  5. turtesrock says:

    u licked ur finger! wtf

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