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That’s adorable! I’m getting a Golden puppy soon, and I can’t wait to take her on trips to Pet Store as well.

Baxter likes to select his own toys and treats at PetsMart. He is also a check-out assistant.

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5 Responses to “My Golden Retriever Visits Pets Mart”

  1. jesswilson24 says:

    Baxter is so wonderful 🙂 I cant wait until I get a dog I’m getting a golden retriever I’m either getting one in November, on my birthday or if none of those days hopefully Christmas 🙂

  2. PurdyBear1 says:

    I love pet store shopping but dont get the chance much. I love that long legging fluffy toy, I must look out for something like that over here in the UK.

    I have a Cairn X now, but grew up with a lab and they are so soppy pretty much like retrievers.

  3. tricia lynn says:

    Awwwww!!!! 🙂 You guys are so friendly to him. I can’t wait until I get a puppy!

  4. Valerie Mansfield says:

    You are great owners! Baxter is so spoiled!

  5. Kayle Karen says:

    Maybe he was mill dog!!! Cause they are really scared of any people

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