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I imagine I have my Golden Retriever that sleeps in my bed and i let him cuddle with me in the morning. LOL, I’m crazy when it comes to dogs.

Once again, I woke up to find two furry firends on my bed. One of them up laying under the covers by my pillows and my youngest one sleeping on his back. Haha typical dog lounging hahah!.

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5 Responses to “My Golden Retrievers Sleeping In My Bed”

  1. Shannon Delaney says:

    aww thank you!!!! ya il deff subscribe to you

  2. destroycamero4 says:

    beautiful dogs shannon i liked and subscribed check out my dog videos too

  3. Felicia32151 says:


  4. ccmanize says:

    lol. They’re like “if you get to sleep in this comfortable bed, so do we”.

  5. Shannon Delaney says:

    haha they’re the best

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