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Your bad mood will be rendered powerless after just a few seconds if you your Golden Retriever puppy smiling at you. Well, many of the same things that make people claim goldens are the perfect family pet also make them a challenge to live with.Before you decide to bring a golden into your family, think hard about the disadvantages of owning one.

Butternut Goldens Puppies ~ Litter of 7 week old Golden Retriever Puppies’ first swim. 7 weeks old Butternut Golden Retriever puppies 1st Swim.

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5 Responses to “People Claim Golden Retrievers Are The Perfect Family Pet”

  1. Jackson Vu says:

    A Majority if not all.

  2. Graham Miranda says:

    I seriously do not know a lot about dogs but can all dogs swim????

  3. moutaz30 says:

    This is one of the most awesome videos on youtube!

  4. kaj2225 says:

    such great natural swimmers… first day she learned how to swim, my golden
    retriever managed to swim 100 meters into the water to chase some ducks….
    great memories

  5. Mark Fryer says:

    Guess What Puppies??? It’s BATH TIME!!!!!!

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