Puppy Going In A Bath Tub Full of Water For The First Time


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Does the water temperature matter when giving your puppy a bath? This is just one of the questions I have at the back of my mind about caring for your GR puppy.

Bath Time for my Golden Puppy. This is his first time and she is quite curious how can water affect his long coats LOL.

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5 Responses to “Puppy Going In A Bath Tub Full of Water For The First Time”

  1. Natalie J says:

    “im supposed to drink the water right??”

  2. Paul79UF says:

    That depends on how much you are feeding your puppy.

    Look on the food bag and figure out how much food you should feed your puppy based on its weight.

    For example, 4 cups daily for a 65lb puppy.

    If you give your puppy treats, subtract a little bit from its daily amount of food.

    Search Google for “puppy slow grow plan” or “slow growth plan”.

    I just feed my dog 3 times a day because it is easy for me to remember that way. I might switch to twice a day soon.

  3. MiyeMayo Dashdondog says:

    I feed my 1 month old puppy 5 times a day is that ok?

  4. karthimechify says:

    oh…okay :)

  5. GothVamp669 says:

    unfortunately youtube no longer allows gifs as icons. they changed their policy a few years back and ive had this icon for a looooong time. so only users who had gif icons before their rule change can still keep them.

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