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Just found a video training about Puppy Mouthing.  You better watch this video as you could learn some good pointers on how to stop your puppy biting. Please watch the video and feel free to share to your friends.

Puppies explore the world with their mouths, but they need to be taught there are boundaries when it comes to mouthing. Victoria and Winston show you how.

In Teacher’s Pet, Victoria Stilwell shows you how to employ her Positively Method to train your dog the right way, growing your level of communication to strengthen the bond between you and your pet.

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28 Responses to “Puppy Mouthing Training Basics”

  1. iforgotmyusernameagn says:

    how long would you recommend for each time i try to train my puppy to not bite before he actually loses concentration? is there an ideal time? i got him to sit but he is now teething so any opportunity he gets he gives a quick bit at the hands and feet. any other methods for someone who cannot do a high pitch yelp? what about the timeout crate method or a hand shoved in the mouth as i saw from another youtube link. suggestions are appreciated thank you

  2. SonoPina says:

    First of all I am a man with a deep voice and cannot squeel like that secondly I have an American Staffy that has not only torn up my arms but torn pants shoes chew toys newspapers toilet rolls gloves and her toys.I never see any of the experts using Staffies or pitbulls in their traing vids. Anyone can stop a Golden retriever from biting ,their bite is soft and made to pick up dead birds without damaging the flesh!

  3. lefever246 says:

    I love your hair.

  4. OceanSkye2 says:

    Puppies nipping at ankles is a prey drive thing rather than a dominance/aggression. So it is not treated in the same manner that a dominant action would be.
    Not to knock her training b/c she’s great, but I’ve bred & pre-trained 46 pups & have never found yelping does much to curb a pup’s prey drive. Occasionally, it will cause a pause & a prick of the ears, but usually will go back at it unless it’s super soft.
    Example of marker training pup here: youtube (dot) com/watch?v=10pu9EldJck

  5. OceanSkye2 says:

    This is assuming you’ve already tried the re-directs, etc… And, continue to use re-directs (for instance part of the praise for not lunging or stopping lunging at leg might be throwing a piece of food or toy for pup to chase across floor (leash still on).

    For barking at me to play- I ignore it. If gets too obnoxious, time to go in crate for a bit, no fanfare. I decide when play time is & how long. Again- this assumes pup is getting proper exercise & potty breaks already.

  6. OceanSkye2 says:

    (& EJEE9901) Have pup on leash. Correct verbally & if pup still continues, use just enough force to restrain pup from biting your pants. Praise when / if stops lunging at your leg. Start (if you haven’t already) training to sit, down, etc. using treats. Handle all over, giving marker (“yes”) & treat when relaxes, verbal correction (firm but not loud ‘No’ or ‘Uh oh’ when tries to nip / growl.) If pup is still being an alligator, I give a time out in the crate for a bit & continue working later.

  7. ElaineYong55 says:

    My pup too! He loves biting my shoes and pants… I yelp too but it doesn’t help… instead he still continued mouthing and biting.

  8. iLikeySharpie says:

    My puppy knows the ‘leave it’ command, he’s pretty good with dropping toys or slippers when I say the command, but when he bites at my ankles or my arm, he absolutely does not leave it, and trying not to yell is difficult because his tiny little puppy teeth hurts and I don’t have treats around me 24/7. 🙁

  9. iLikeySharpie says:

    @jessi330 My puppy does the exact same thing except he bites at my ankle, which hurts, and I sometimes accidentally kick him off out of reflex, which then makes me go to him and immediately apologize and he thinks I’m playing with him, which really doesn’t work with positive reinforcement. The yelping doesn’t quite work with my puppy either and I tried putting him in timeout in the bathroom for a couple minutes, but he’s just as hyper when he comes out. :/ What should I do?

  10. Ivy Rose says:

    our puppy will be 6 mos. soon; almost all second teeth or out & she grabs ahold of my wrist or fingers and won’t let go…when I say ouch or yelp she gets more excited…she’s very sweet but the mouthing won’t stop, I tried lemons, bitter apple….it doesn’t bother her…anyone else had this problem

  11. EJEE9901 says:

    The poster was explaining how her dog follows and bites her pants. I had an identical problem. I’m not sure what you’re getting at here…

  12. Michael Peterson says:

    What made you think the problem is completely identical when nothing is mentioned about it?

  13. Michael Peterson says:

    Yeah I thought so aswell!

  14. Mia Aguirre says:

    He needs to learn leave it and drop it:) and make slow movements. If he feel like your getting excited he will keep the game going. so no yelling. Also you can try dropping treats on the floor so he gets distracted. that a good time to say leave it and then slowly walk away why he’s eating.

  15. Temparrshotz says:

    Good video. a good source I use to learn about how to train and puppy training in general is (thepuppytraininghq dot com)

  16. fresca bee says:

    yelp at a high voice available to your tone.

  17. Jordan Smith says:

    My problem is my voice can’t go that high to “yelp”. Any alternate suggestions?

  18. EJEE9901 says:

    I have almost an identical problem and can’t find a solution. It makes it difficult to do other training when it won’t stop the biting. I’ve exercised it, practiced several positive reinforcement techniques advocated by several trainers and am very frustrated. Help…?

  19. Kristian Camp says:

    only reward it when it does what you want it to do. I was able to teach my puppy to sit on the first day, but using the treat and clicker method :] with positive reinforcement. worked well, he sits half the time i tell him to.. and knows that he’ll get praised when he sits..and only when he sits… or only when he’s being good. That pants biting sounds annoying, im sure theres a way to teach him though just dont get frustrated try to be positive because dogs get confused very very easily

  20. Ivy Rose says:

    james hurlbut….thanks, I’m still mouthing my mommy and daddy, they love me and I need to be nicer….Ivy Rose 🙂

  21. Sully Willys says:

    This doesn’t work for me either. My puppy does the same thing as yours.

  22. NKeddle says:

    I love Victoria’s videos, been watching them non-stop as I am going to get my very first puppy in 3 weeks and want to follow her method. She is amazing!

  23. Ivy Rose says:

    ty for responding; I’ve already been on antibiotics…we have to stay stocked in bandaids; we’re lucky to get 4 hrs. of sleep; sadly she’s sweet n sour…doing our best not to return her..though a beauty, no one will adopt her, ty !!

  24. james hurlbut says:

    If you don’t need stitches your puppy is totally normal. Pups do that unless they’re sick or something. If it’s not eating your house be greatful.. Hang on Ivy. That’s just the way it is.

  25. james hurlbut says:

    The positive method stuff is great, if it works But, I’ve found if a dog bites, bite back. They’re very smart and will catch on quickly.

  26. james hurlbut says:

    I had the problem with my 5 mo. old pound dog. No problem. Pups will be pups. But when it started to become annoying / painfull I slid my palm into his mouth and grasped his jaw firmly and held it there until his eyes told me the wheels turning.. After a few times he became aware this was an unpleasant situation. Jim

  27. Ivy Rose says:

    Ivy gets bored with the toy, she wants my hands and clothes

  28. emyness says:

    I’ve been watching all of these videos in anticipation of adopting my first ever puppy, and I can’t wait to be the proper teacher she deserves. I’m hoping she isn’t too mouthy, but she’s a pit mix and they don’t tend to bite people. Anyway, just wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful advice- you’re the first trainer I’ve found online whose methods I totally vibe with!

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