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The golden retriever was developed from a cross of flat- and wavy-coated retrievers, tweed water spaniels, and red setters.

The golden retriever is a medium to large size, athletic dog. It has a broad head and small drop ears, brown eyes, and a black or brownish black nose.

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5 Responses to “Retrievers – Fun Facts and Information”

  1. Luis Rodriguez says:

    Awwee…. :'( thanks for adopting him. 🙂

  2. igantry1 says:

    John has a soft heart:)

  3. XxTh3XboXVet says:

    Thank you for adopting a really nice dog he is lucky to have a nice place to live


  4. Julie Barradale says:

    i would adopt this dog in a heartbeat he’s truly amazing

  5. Olivia Brashear says:

    The only sad thing is he dosent know he is blind :'(

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