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Your dog is so lovely; she is very clever. Although I don’t know what you are saying the dog says it all.  I’m actually watching this video everyday cause I like the intelligence she shows in this game.

She’s playing and I love my dog. She is so intelligent and she had the training with just a short time.

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5 Responses to “Shell Love The Game”

  1. Romstie Castillo says:

    see when he looked up he new cus he smelled it

  2. Romstie Castillo says:

    ok dogs do that do this or any animal they use there sense of smell thates why they can track

  3. justforfun2003 says:

    I can’t stop watching coco video, she is so cute!

  4. Ian Axel Ponce says:

    the dog can smell its treat 🙂

  5. tobacconist says:

    Guy doesn’t switch his hands when he switches the cups. So the dog learns that it’s always on the side it starts on.

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