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Honestly this cute Golden Retriever Puppy gets me crazy.  He is so adorable; I can’t even resist his cuteness and coolness.  He has this intimate closeness to the owner, which shows that this owner had trained him to be a good boy.

Watch Louie grow within a time span of 2 to 14 months. BTW, the chocolate cupcake in this video is a doggy cupcake that does not contain any chocolate at all. It is made specifically for dogs.

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5 Responses to “Super Duper Cute Golden Retriever”

  1. Debaser Pixies says:

    nice video. From puppie to adult

  2. Jim Chavez says:

    great video

  3. Lyra Heart says:

    try not to give your dog chocolate like the muffin unless its dog chocolate it can harm them

  4. Joseph Watts says:

    That face 0:15

  5. Cindy Lin says:

    It was so fluffy looking. <3

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