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The Golden Retriever is a beautiful medium-sized dog. Its rich cream to golden coat is medium to long in length, silky and smooth with feathering on its legs and tail. With warm brown eyes, pendant-shaped ears and a long straight tail, Golden Retrievers are easily recognizable. Although they are heavy shedders, regular grooming can keep them neat and your home clean.

Once again, I woke up to find two furry firends on my bed. One of them up laying under the covers by my pillows and my youngest one sleeping on his back. Haha typical dog lounging hahah!

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5 Responses to “The Golden Retriever Is A Beautiful Medium-Sized Dog”

  1. Shannon Delaney says:

    Yes im irish

  2. TGVMinecraft says:

    Are you Irish? Your name sounds so alot like an Irish name.

  3. Shannon Delaney says:

    they’re my babies 🙂 love my dogs like my kids

  4. lcserg87 says:

    it may drool a bit hbut that it deal?

  5. lcserg87 says:

    shannon please pet my penis same way you pet your dog promise he wont bite off your hands

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