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The Golden Retriever show. it’s beautiful and adorable. I think it’s his time to get some rest now so he could have a good and fresh feeling by tomorrow. My golden retriever shows the ability of how golden retriever are good like all out and loud. That’s my golden retriever!

This series of titles is designed for the novice dog owner/handler with regard to each breed. Special emphasis is placed on the utilitarian aspects of this breed.


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5 Responses to “The Golden Retriever Show”

  1. 296jayce says:

    Aw, my golden doxie mixed loves to roll around outside, i lover her. Urz is

  2. hungrylizard193 says:

    I have a golden doxie mix too. He looks exactly like your dog and has the
    same personality minus the stubborness and barking. Like yours, mine can
    sit calmly in a group of children. I am a preschool teacher and I take him
    to my class. He is 100% trustworthy.

  3. ashley biasi says:

    do u want any another one?

  4. Casey the Dachshund says:

    Great looking dog! Looks like she has the personality of her Dachshund
    parent. They love following scent trails! If you want to see my Dachshund,
    check out my channel.

  5. Clare Allan says:

    Hi there! This is a lovely video. I’ve just adopted a one year old rescue
    and I think she might well be a “goldidachs”. Her behaviour sounds very
    similar – she’s also obsessed with water. She’s a similar shape though her
    coat is darker (more of a dachshund colour) and unfortunately some cretin
    docked her tail. She’s settling in great and already she and my Stafford
    are inseparable, though they do look quite funny trotting along together.
    Thanks a lot for posting.

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