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Golden retrievers, one of the most popular pet dogs,  they are only mainly only found in houses and yards of their owners. The Golden Retrievers’ intelligence makes them versatile, and they can perform so many things. they can easily adopt things and they can be this very useful dog in your daily livings. They are not just pet they are your family.

Cute video to show the personality of each breed. Faithful to the end and always living in the moment. Dogs teach us unconditional “Love”.. enjoy! Dachshunds & Golden Retrievers Unconditional Love

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2 Responses to “The Golden Retrievers’ Intelligence Makes Them Versatile”

  1. Ryan Hunter says:

    One of our little girl dachshunds would protect her lab-mastiff brother.

  2. pjnotts66 says:

    My mini dachs use to do the exact same thing, so sweet

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