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The ideal Golden is athletic, and well balanced. It is a symmetrical, powerful, and active dog. They are also noted for their intelligence. As the name suggests, the Golden Retriever loves to retrieve. Retrieving a thrown stick, tennis ball, or flying disc can keep a Golden occupied and entertained for hours, particularly if there is also water involved. Goldens tend to be notoriously tolerant of boisterous children. However, if not properly trained, they may accidentally injure a child in play.

Meet The Daily Puppy’s Top 10 Golden Retrievers: Dax, Colbie, Charlie, Honey, Hemingway, Claire, Doug, Sophie, Holly and Thunder!

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5 Responses to “The Ideal Golden Retriever Is Athletic, And Well Balanced”

  1. jallu white says:

    good see it

  2. superskylar4 says:

    Dax looks like my golden when he was a puppy!

  3. sexydisneybeast says:

    Charlie, Hemingway, Claire, Thunder, oh my GOD you cutie patooties.

  4. tpash1 says:

    Great video! So adorable!

  5. alex alex says:

    The dogs are like stop looking at meeeee!!!!!!!

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