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Your choice to add a Golden Retriever puppy to your family is a great one. This is one breed of dog not only devoted reliable, but also good with children. Golden Retrievers have high levels of energy and therefore need vigorous daily exercise, especially as a puppy.

Having fun in our fitness room. Training My 3-Months Old Golden Retriever.

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5 Responses to “Training Golden Retriever Puppies”

  1. lovablebunny says:

    Pleaseee show me hot to do this!! my dogg will only attackk mee loll!

  2. James Patt says:

    you cant teach a golden retriever (of all dogs) to sit?

  3. donkrx says:

    Go to the kikopup channel and do exactly what she says in her puppy video
    playlist. The most important thing is to remember to take it slow… if
    your dog is losing focus, barking out of frustration, or just can’t do what
    you ask, then you need to make it easier on him (reward him for weaker
    criteria). Your dog failing does not mean he isn’t trying hard enough, it
    means its not fun enough for him or the training session was too long.

  4. DjeiaParanormall says:

    My golden retriever is the same !! Please someone tell me how I teach him
    to sit down and to give his arm 🙂 !

  5. CDD1992AB says:

    why my golden isnt fluffy as yours? 🙁 , will his hair grow later ?

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