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Well behaved Golden Retriever’s eating steak. They are very behaved waiting for their steak. Beautiful Golden Retriever follow commands seriously to their owner. They want you to feel their love and appreciation as their owners and masters. I never fail to admire them because from the very beginning Golden Retrievers have been attached on my heart.

Joy, Sadie and Tori enjoying their favourite treat (beef tenderloin) for being good girls. (Very special thanks to Vicki Ellery of Animation Acres for breeding & birthing these wonderful additions to our family!).


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4 Responses to “Well Behaved Golden Retriever’s Eating Steak”

  1. kam30enn says:

    Those are some damn well behaved dogs.

  2. thelostscream says:

    Gow did u train them so WELLL

  3. Alec Garcia says:

    Lol okay!!, dogs yum yum yum. And No No Joy Joy.:-) awesome name.

  4. omgheyhommiewutup says:


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