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This made me laugh cause obviously after taking a bath this seems to be the actions of all dogs.  They rub their body to the floor to get dry and feel better. That is just merely part of being a dog and that is their way of getting themselves more comfortable.

My awesome dog Otto acting Crazy Golden Retriever After Getting a Bath.

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2 Responses to “What Do Your Dogs Do After Taking A Bath?”

  1. RACandKRS says:

    KRS: I absulutley love golden retrievers I have one named Sammy,he is awesome,I also love min pins and this VIDEO!!!
    RAC:Aww how cute is that puppy!I LOVE GOLDEN RETRIEVERS!I ALSO LOVE MIN PINS.I have a min pin named ShadowBug

  2. strie83 says:

    What a sweet dog! Aw!

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