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Originally bred as a retriever, it’s also used in search and rescue, hunting, as a guide dog for the blind and a therapy dog. And, of course, it’s also very popular as a companion dog.

Golden Retrievers strive to please their owners and, once taught what the owner desires, the Golden Retriever will astound you with their willingness to please.

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5 Responses to “What’s Good About Them? What’s Bad About Them?”

  1. OYERDUDE says:

    I cant wait to get my golden in the summer!

  2. MrOmally18 says:

    How did you teach her the bang bang I want to teach that to my golden retriever

  3. icecoldtothebone says:

    she looks like my puppy! adorable golden retriver?

  4. AllSportDogs says:

    As a professional and competition dog trainer, I have to say great job with the training however, use smaller pieces of food that can be swallowed without chewing. Keeps them from getting full and bored. Makes training easier if they are always eager to get that little piece of food.

  5. Erin Gaith says:

    Can we get an updated video on your adorable dog!?

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