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It’s the effort that counts, i am sure the dog doesn’t bark that way, he is trying to speak!  That is cute come here and give me a kiss puppy.

This is Chowda, an extremely sweet and smart golden retriever. Here’s a clip of him in training, learning to say “Hello.” By next year, he’ll be speaking in full sentences. 😀

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5 Responses to “World’s Best Golden Retriever Saying”

  1. Lola FanVids says:

    Especially when they make spelling mistakes in that comment.

  2. meeche13 says:

    Dog gets treat for making dog noises.

  3. Jaydeeos says:

    “the stupid on” Oh the irony.

  4. Controverse23 says:

    Duh? I highly doubt he actually thinks his dog is trying to say ‘hello’ to him.

  5. Shitlord says:

    I love your dog. Sadly though, I am adamant she isn’t speaking to you. Just like Project Nim [or the Nazi’s equivelant to Nim], a project which involved teaching primates how to physically converse, the puppy is doing it for the reward of food, not to converse. It’s like how if one trains their dog to “beg” for food, they will beg for food because it is how they are used to getting their food. Just my €0.02

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