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Golden retrievers are beautiful dogs that are generally very friendly in nature. They don’t require so much care and maintenance from your side. All they need is love and affection and they can mingle with people readily. They All it requires is your love and care. You must treat your Golden as child. You have to praise him when he does right and scold him when he goes wrong. A golden retriever can understand your moods and can be a good companion for you when you nurture him affectionately.

We took care of Guinness one day and recorded his activities. He’s a noble, gentle, and loving Golden Retriever. He’s proof that Golden Retrievers have got to be one of the most caring and nurturing dog breeds in existence.

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5 Responses to “You Must Treat Your Golden Retriever As Child”

  1. Corn Fed says:

    I want to reach into my screen and give that dog a big hug.

  2. DisplacedEmployee says:

    He is such a love!!! 🙂

  3. settledguy says:

    You got it all right down to the twitching nose while sleeping.

  4. Sivasothi N says:

    HI Jim, beautiful video and lovely way you added the music. My friend who
    wrote the music just lost his dog this morning and when I found your video,
    it made my heart sad but then happy again. Max had a good life with my
    friend and his wife. It was his time to go. Guinness is lovely, tell your
    friends he’s being therapeutic to some people in Singapore.

  5. DisplacedEmployee says:

    He is such a love!!!

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