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Your Golden Retriever dog needs a regular exercise, at least twice a day, when fully grown. When you first obtain your dog, exercise will not be necessary, as it will exercise itself whilst playing. In fact, sleep is more important and your dog should have its own bed where it can retire whenever it wishes. It is important to stress that a Golden Retriever Dogs should not be over exercised. If you’ve proven yourself that you’re a good owner you will be a Golden Retriever Hero for me.

My niece Heather riding four wheeler with her Golden Retriever puppy getting a much needed workout.

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5 Responses to “Your Golden Retriever Dog Needs A Regular Exercise”

  1. RC62 . says:

    hehehe looks like fun. Just don’t run over the pup. 😀

  2. waldenbuilder says:

    Thanks. The city is starting to close in these last few years.

  3. jumper801 says:

    Nice piece of land there.

  4. waldenbuilder says:

    That puppy doesn’t know how big he is. He puts his mouth around my whole leg and still has those sharp puppy teeth.

  5. WheelsNotHeels says:

    Yeah, that’s a great way to get the puppy to exercise! Pretty dog!

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